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At first glance, all the different paths, bright colors, and cute little drawings all over the board can look overwhelming and some people worry that Dumb Luck is too complicated. Actually, Dumb Luck is really just a simple game that encompasses a lot of other simple games. The truth is, even a drunk, brainless, idiot can play as long as someone is there to place the dice in his hand and wipe his drool off the chips in front of him. There are some players who insist that they don't understand the strategies behind poker and blackjack, but these games are explained on the back of the purple card and are optional for those who don't feel comfortable enough to put their money on a hand.

Okay, Quick recap: Each player has 70% of their money trapped in the bank from the beggining. On each player's turn, player rolls the ten sided die and moves his/her piece that many spaces. There are many forks in the road. If the movement roll was an odd number, player would follow red ODD arrows along the path for that turn. If the roll was an even number, he/she would follow the blue EVEN arrows. If a player lands on an occupied space, that player proceeds to the next unoccupied space. There are six simple color coordinated spaces to land on. Descriptions and examples are as follows:

Single Player Game
This space gives you a chance at securing a large part of the bank or none of it at all. A player landing on this space would refer to the blue Single Player Games card and roll the 10 sided die again to see which of the 10 games he/she would play. These games are all free to play and payouts range from -30¢ to +$19.75 depending on your luck. There are a few games that would require you to roll the four sided die as some games have multiple variations. For example, Susie (Assume Susie is playing the game) lands on a single player game space and rolls a 5 which is a Slot Machine. She is instructed by the card to roll the four sided die to see which slot machine to play and refers to the back of the card. She rolls a 3 and plays Slot Machine 3 - Hot and Steamy Six. In this game she must roll 4 of the bright red dice attempting to match any of the combinations of sixes in the available payouts listed on the back of the Single Player Game card. If she throws four sixes, she wins $12. If she throws only 2, she still wins $1.20. If she doesn't match any payouts, she gets nothing. In either case, after her game, she hands the dice to Bob (assume Bob is the player to her left) and it is then his turn.
Multi-Player Game
This space gives you a chance at securing money from other players or giving some away to them. A player landing on this space would refer to the purple Multi-Player Games card and roll the 10 sided die again to see which of the 10 games he/she would play against others. Most of these games have an ante (initial bet) and are all optional to play. For example, Susie (Assume Susie is still playing the game) lands on a multi-player game space and rolls a 2 which is Black Jack. Each player interested in playing blackjack for a minimum bet of 50¢ and a maximum bet of $2 lays down their chips in front of them and are dealt out two cards. As in Vegas, players may double down, hit, stay, or split and winning is based on what the dealer has. In our example, Susie opts not to play because her chip stack is getting low, Bob places a $2 bet, Arnold is in the bathroom and doesn't wish to hold up the game so he's out, Larry bets $1, Laura bets 50¢, and Jim bets $2. Players in the game receive their cards and two are dealt for the dealer (one face up, one face down). Bob gets a pair of 7's and chooses to split them thus doubling his $2 bet. After hitting on both hands, he stays on one at 19 and busts on the other. Larry gets a blackjack off the bat and wishes he had bet more. Laura takes a hit on a 19 despite everyone telling her not to and gets a joker thus making it a 2 for a total of 21. She then insists that she knew what she was doing all along. Jim busts. Dealer then gets an 18 which makes Bob and Laura both winners. After a little while, Arnold flushes the toilet, forgets to wash his hands, and asks everyone else what he missed while reaching his dirty hand in the snack bowl. Susie hands the dice to Bob and it is then his turn again.

In multi-player games, a player could potentially go bankrupt from a heavy hand of poker. Bankrupt players are still in the game but cannot play games that require ante beyond their funds until more money is won.

You Find Money!
This space is a guaranteed win! Player landing on a green You Find Money space rolls the four sided die to see how much money they win.
1=25¢   2=50¢   3=$1   4=$2.
For example, Susie (Susie's turn again!) lands on a You Find Money space and rolls a 1 which gets her a bright shiney quarter. Other players laugh at her and she hands the dice to Bob (also laughing) and it is then his turn again.
Draw A Card
Draw cards can also change the flow of the game depending on what is drawn. These cards can be very good or very bad. Blame can be placed on the player that shuffled them at the beginning of the game. There are a few draw cards that say "Keep Me Till You Need Me!" on the top and should be kept secret from other players as a sneaky Ace up the sleeve. Here are a few example draw cards.

(Susie drew the third one which sent her back 11 spaces where she rolled a 1 to win only 50¢. She made an angry face, which drew some mixed laughter and some sarcastic sympathy.)

Go Again
Players landing on this space get to go again. (Yay Susie!)
Lose Turn
Players landing on this space lose their next turn. (Poor Susie!)

Keep in Mind, Anything can happen in Dumb Luck... The Ultimate Gambling Party Game!

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